Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings.

– Helen Keller


July 23 at 11:24pm
Please sign and share this, only 1000 signatures to go! <3
July 23 at 11:23pm
Corey and Ben have been busy working on the new In Dread Response material for quite some time, and it is finally available to stream!

Have a listen :)
June 19 at 1:40am
Obviously we feel this is no different to all the animal exploitation that goes on in the "food" industry every single day with cows, pigs, chickens etc, but this is still awful. Please sign.
June 14 at 2:55am
I have re-uploaded the video for Sleepwalkers, as 8 Foot Sativa have deleted it from youtube. This was the last song Monk, Corey and I did with 8 Foot, and it later became a TMOM song. The message and video are extremely important, so please watch, listen and share.
May 14 at 11:09pm
Hello friends! Our drummer and the busiest man in music, Corey Friedlander is drumming for amazing band that is City Of Souls, who just released their first lush as fuck single/video. Get this in your ear and eye holes asap!

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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, The Mark of Man was birthed in 2009. Christian Humphreys, Corey Friedlander and Ben Read were united by the want and NEED for an emotional outlet; for the rage and frustration and sorrow that comes with existing in a world that has no regard for animal rights, human rights, and little regard for anything else. And that's exactly what The Mark of Man has become. A catharsis for a world that does not care, does not listen and does not love.

We are angry. We are sorrowful. Please listen.

The Mark of Man features current and previous members of Ulcerate, New Way Home, Fornax Chemica, In Dread Response, 8 Foot Sativa, Day One and Kill Me Quickly.

The Mark of Man are:

Ben C. Read - Vocals
Christian Humphreys - Guitars, Bass
Corey Friedlander - Drums

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"Exeunt" (2014)

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"The Mark of Man" (2010)

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